(EN) Dogs on Board

Dogs are welcome in our marina.

In the election ‘Cutest Marina for Dogs’ in 2017 – held by Hondenaanboord.nl – we reached second place!

The scaffolds are dog friendly, dogs are allowed in the restaurant.

To let your dog out you leave the harbor.
Along the Rembrandtkade you can walk your dog on a leash to the left or to the right.
If you turn left into the parking lot, you will find an area where your dog can run free that runs 400 meters at the end of the parking lot (approx. 150 m).
Following is a large walking area: Keizersrande , your dog should be on a leash there.
If you prefer not to let your dog enter the water: walk straight into the street across the marina, behind the petrol station you will find an area where your dog can run free without entering water.

There is virtually no current in the marina basin and there is a gradually sloping bank, your dog can swim anywhere.

The rules of conduct are the same in all marinas, which you undoubtedly know.