(EN) Grand Café

• it is not necessary to make a reservation for a drink. However, we are obliged to ask our guests health control questions;
• the kitchen opens for the hot meal from 5 pm;
• food can only be served by reservation, also on the terrace;
• we have room for the following guests:
o twos
o triplets at 1.5 meters
o foursome from two different households at 1.5 meters
o several guests from the same household
• your telephone number will be noted when booking;
• health check-ups are asked upon arrival and you will be asked to disinfect your hands;
• keep in mind that in bad weather the capacity is greater outside than inside.
• furniture may only be moved by an employee of Windkracht7;
• in order to facilitate as many members and guests as possible, we use two blocks for dinner (block times are yet to be announced);
• chairs and tables are reserved for dinner from 5 pm;
• you can enjoy a drink during dinner on one of our lounge sofas;
• the terrace and the interior are set up 1.5 meters proof and the route to the toilet is signposted.