(EN) Bus Connection

Near the marina are bus stops of Syntus line 3.

You need a Dutch public transport card for the bus ride or you pay with a bank card. Cash is not accepted.

You can reach the bus stops as follows:

  • Walk from the marina to the road and then about 150 meters to the right.
  • Left is a side street with 2 bus stops.

If you want to go to the center:

  • Take the left-hand stop (direction Station).
  • Get off at the Station.
  • From the Station you cross the bridge and walk into the center, or: once arrived at the station you can use the center bus at a reasonable rate, which will  transport you around the center (“hop-on / hop off”).
    The center bus does not run on Sundays and public holidays.
    Click here for the stops.

If you want to go to a supermarket:

  • Take the left-hand stop (direction Station);
  • Get off at the 2nd stop (Vermeerstraat) for LIDL or the third stop (Zamenhofplein) for AH and Jumbo.

The schedule of bus 3 is here (2.5 Mb) look at the departure times of ‘Verpleeghuis St Jurrien’, a few minutes later the bus arrives at the stop at the marina.

If you want to go elsewhere:

The complete overview of all bus connections in Deventer can be found here.